Who we are

"You always know that you can talk to Andy and Kate at any point if you need to. Knowing that your leaders really care about you as a person and that they want the best for you is such a strong part of DPSCITT and helps you through the hardest parts of the year" Former Trainee

Andy profile pic   Andy Ogden

Andy has held a number of roles that have required strong coaching skills. Currently the Strategic Lead of Devon Teaching School Partnership and Devon Primary SCITT Andy observes, models and provides feedback on over 100 learning conversations each year. As a former Headteacher, Local Authority School Improvement and National Strategy Consultant he has a wealth of experience in leading staff development. Enabling teachers to articulate and reflect on the quality of Teaching and Learning in their classrooms is at the heart of his practise.

What trainees say about Andy: "I always find Andy a good role model for teaching and try to reflect how he teaches in my own work"

Kate profile pic     Kate Reeves

Kate’s passion for supporting the professional development of teachers has been evident throughout her career. During senior roles in schools, Kate built very successful coaching and mentoring relationships with a wide range of teaching and support staff. As the Senior Tutor for the Devon Primary SCITT, she helped to develop the approach to Learning Conversations which has been key to training outstanding teachers. Her expertise in leading these, and training others in their use, has been honed through working with trainee teachers and school staff during the last 15 years.

What trainees say about Kate: "The very fact that we have just finished TP2 and should be exhausted but have loved this session is a testament to Kate's amazing ability to be an interesting, charismatic and engaging tutor who generates enthusiasm in her audience."

Chris profile pic     Chris Wardle

Chris is a teacher and educational psychologist, with experience at national and local level. He has worked in a large secondary school as an Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and leads the nationally recognised “Behaviour, Inclusion and Child Development” course for Devon Primary SCITT. Through his work as a Specialist Leader in Education he leads programmes for NQTs, Developing Future Leaders and SEN support. He has developed coaching packages for delivery across schools as well as developing SEAL during his time with the National Strategies.

What trainees say "Chris is always charismatic and engaging. His delivery and personality allow us to have a safe environment to share experiences."..... "If I can engage my own class as well as Chris engages us, I'll be very happy."


Stephanie Burke     Stephanie Burke

Stefanie has worked as a primary mathematics advisor for 17 years having previously taught in primary and middle schools in Devon. She provides primary mathematics support to schools across Devon and beyond. Alongside teachers and school leaders, she conducts action research on mathematics learning and teaching. She develops new products to support mathematics learning, teaching and assessment. She is part of Devon’s statutory Assessment Panel, training moderators and running assessment and moderation events for teachers.

What trainees say about Stephanie "You helped me love maths - something I never thought I'd say!"..... "Thank you for all your hardwork, help and support - I feel inspired and energised to teach maths"

Allie Beaumont 1     Allie Beaumont

Allie Beaumont is an independent primary science consultant who has extensive knowledge and experience of working within primary schools. She has led the Primary Professional Learning department for the STEM Learning centre within At-Bristol as well as being Deputy Director of the Science Learning Centre South West. She joined the centre from a post at a primary school in Plymouth where she was a science subject leader for over 12 years and latterly an Advanced Skills Teacher in science, working in Plymouth LEA. Within this role she supported and advised schools on a wide range of science issues. More recently she has supported subject leaders through the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM). She has worked on numerous projects in Cornwall, Devon and Bristol and is currently working as a partner with Bath Spa University on the Thinking, Doing, Talking Science project based on research from Oxford Brookes University and Science Oxford.

What trainees say about Allie "It's great to have such creative and well planned activities that help us see science from a child's point of view"....."I've learnt so much from Allie this year and have been really inspired to teach exciting and creative science lessons next year!"

SCITT photo (2)    Helen Holmes

Helen Holmes is an experienced Primary school teacher who is passionate about teaching and about helping trainees to develop the key skills needed for a successful career in the profession.  She has worked with Devon Primary SCITT for 15 years as a School Based Tutor and recently became more involved with the team undertaking Quality Assurance visits in schools throughout Devon.  She particularly enjoys the personal interaction with Trainees in different placements - observing, advising and supporting them on their DPSCITT journey and is delighted to be part of the team.