Our Structure

The Devon Teaching School Partnership is lead by 2 nationally designated teaching schools who along with their governing bodies are accountable for the operation of the DTSP.

On a day to day basis the DTSP is governed by its Strategic Board who delegate responsibility of areas of the Teaching School's work to operational committees.

These are The Professional Development Committee, School Improvement Committee, All Strategic Partners and Partners of the DTSP are members of the Steering Committee. The Research and Development leads underpin the work of all the working groups.

Strategic Partners are the core of the DTSP. They will be those schools which have both the desire and the capacity to contribute to the work of the DTSP as Strategic Partners, directing the work it undertakes, both contributing to and using DTSP services. Their membership means that DTSP is collectively accountable for these schools in terms of continuing improvement in attainment, teaching and learning and Ofsted categories.

Schools which wish to be Strategic Partners will sign a memorandum of understanding each year, confirming their commitment. In so doing, these schools will agree to a level of responsibility for the strategic work of the DTSP and, in turn, the DTSP will work with them to help improve their outcomes. Strategic Partners will be partner schools for DPSCITT.  A strategic partner will have full opportunity to engage in the opportunities that the DTSP provides.

Associate Members of the DTSP will be purchasers of support and programmes but have no direct involvement in the strategic leadership of the DTSP. DTSP’s commitment to them is to make available high quality provision which is value for money. Associate Membership offers schools an opportunity to take advantage of the programmes and services available from the DTSP on a pay-as-you-go basis. Associate Members accept that DTSP does not take any responsibility for their outcomes beyond the impact its programmes and services can be rightfully expected to achieve.