Learning Conversations

Raising Standards through Structured Professional Dialogue

Are you looking to:

  • improve the quality of Teaching & Learning in your classrooms?
  • develop a culture of reflective practice in your school?
  • provide personalised CPD for middle or senior leaders?

Lesson Observation and Coaching:

Over the last 15 years, the Devon Primary SCITT has developed an extremely successful model of CPD centred on paired lesson observations and ‘learning conversations’. Critical to its success has been the professional dialogue, rooted in evidence from lesson observation, which has explored teaching decisions, and their impact on children’s learning.

Personalised – each conversation is personal and focused on specific learning successes and needs. This increases relevance, resonance and impact on practice;

Owned – active participation in identifying, analysing and exploring aspects of their practice leads to deeper understanding, enabling teachers to apply their learning more successfully in other contexts;

Sustainable – developing skills in self-assessment, analysis and evaluation leads to genuine and continuing professional development;

Widely applied - Learning Conversations support a culture of openness and collaborative responsibility for improvement. They develop coaching skills and encourage an approach to professional dialogue that can be used successfully with colleagues in wider leadership roles.

Pattern of Training for Raising Standards through Structured Professional Dialogue:

Experienced Trainers can offer a day’s training at your school for selected member(s) of staff, comprising:

  • 2 paired lesson observations of trainee or experienced teachers
  • Moderation of judgements, identification of strengths & developments, with evidence
  • Modelling and discussion of a learning conversation
  • Observation of the member of staff conducting a learning conversation, with further coaching and feedback provided.

Cost:    £350