Entry Requirements

How to Apply

Application is through UCAS Teacher Training, on-line at www.ucas.com/apply/teacher-training

UCAS Training Programme Codes:

DPSCITT Primary 5-11 - X100

The Training Provider Code is D40.

Applications are now open - We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that UCAS give applicants 10 days after receiving all their offers to accept a place. Applicants should not be pressured into accepting a place please see the following directly from UCAS: "Please don't contact applicants after making offers to ask them for replies. Applicants don't need to reply until they have received a decision about all the offers they've made in Apply 1". We will not pressure our applicants into taking places and we hope you wont feel pressured by other providers as this is something that shouldn't take place.

Essential Entry Requirements:

You need to:

•hold a degree of a United Kingdom Higher Education Institution or equivalent qualification

•have achieved grade C or 4 or above in GCSE English or equivalent

•have achieved grade C or 4 or above in GCSE mathematics or equivalent

•have achieved grade C or 4 or above in GCSE science or equivalent. Candidates are able to take an equivalency test through the following organisation: http://www.equivalencytesting.com/

•communicate clearly and grammatically in written standard English

•convey enthusiasm and commitment to teaching

•have a strong recommendation to train as a primary school teacher from an appropriate referee

•meet the Secretary of State's requirements for physical and mental fitness to teach

•never have been excluded from teaching or working with children

•declare any criminal background which might prevent employment as a teacher or working with children or young people