What do former trainees say about us?

Former Trainees Views


DPSCITT is truly fantastic because of the course leaders, tutors and committed partnership schools which form an incredibly supportive network. As a trainee they ensure you are developed to your full potential and assist you to complete the course, successfully obtain a job and then they continue to develop you within your role.

My placements in two fantastic schools enabled me to be prepared for my own class and a permanent position in an outstanding school. Since then I have taken on art leadership responsibilities, completed the RQTL (recently qualified teachers in leadership) course which DPSCITT runs and have recently being appointed an Assistant Head.



The DPSCITT course has been carefully crafted to provide a trainee teacher with all of the tools required to become a successful teacher. When I started my first day as a 'real' teacher, I had so much to draw on and felt really prepared for that moment when the children walked through the door.

The calendar is busy but the entire training program is so well organised and carefully thought out that you know that each day or training task is intended to have a specific impact on your development at that very moment. The training days enabled us to not only gain so much knowledge of how and what to teach, but there was a huge emphasis on reflection and discussion about the experiences we had had in school. This allowed me to not only gain knowledge through my own experiences, but through those of my fellow trainees too.

Now in my second year of teaching, in a partnership school, I still feel a real connection to DPSCITT and have regular contact with many of my course peers. The course gave me the confidence to take on extra responsibility - I became the PE Coordinator during my NQT year and am now the Maths Coordinator.

DPSCITT will challenge you but it will give you the best platform on which to base the rest of your career.


As a DPSCITT trainee you become part of a very close knit cohort, supporting each other through a challenging, inspiring and incredibly rewarding year. Lead by highly experienced tutors who strive for the best in every trainee, it is a thorough course which is hugely respected throughout Devon and beyond.

Being based in school for the majority of time, and having regular sessions with school based tutors who encouraged me to scrutinise and reflect on every aspect of my teaching has lead me to being a confident and meticulous teacher.
I was supported every step of the way and coached through any challenges I experienced.

I was accepted on to the SEND placement and, together with specialised training days, the time immersed in the SEN placement gave me the skills required to be a special needs teacher. Alongside this, having placements in both key stages gave me a wealth of experience, which has given me the confidence to teach any age and any subject.

I was subsequently offered a job in SEND, and haven't looked back since – I would wholeheartedly recommend DPSCITT to any aspiring teachers.

Jon B:

One of the key strengths of the Devon Primary SCITT course is the commitment of all the tutors and other members of the team, to you as an individual, in terms of pastoral care and personalisation. The course is dedicated to enabling you to become the style of teacher you want to be and the programme is continually tailored to your needs and goals. The pastoral care and support provided is outstanding. Nothing is too big or small and the tutors ensure that you stay on track at each point throughout the year. Another key strength of the course is the detail of feedback provided to trainees in all aspects of the programme. Throughout the year you have complete clarity as to the progressyou are making and actions to support development are carefully planned. In what is a notoriously difficult profession, I feel more prepared for the challenges and excitement September will bring. There is truly no better feeling than meeting your own class for your NQT year and realising that you are now the teacher of the 30 children looking back at you!

Katie R.

I have really loved this course and have been grateful for the support and mentorship from the team both from SCITT and within my school.  It has provided me with a good practical training of in school teaching and class management. It is a very hands on course and I feel well prepared for a job next year. The support has been continuous and on-going as well as being professional. As someone that is dyslexic, the support that I was originally going to receive from the dyslexic support team didn’t work for me and so SCITT provided 1:1 sessions with the appropriate people so that I felt supported. This course has given me more than I ever felt it could. I now not only have confidence in my teaching ability but also have confidence in myself. I have truly had a life changing experience and cannot thank the SCITT team enough.  

Alannah B.

This has been such a phenomenal journey. There is a considered and tried-and-tested thread throughout the whole year. I felt prepared, forewarned and reassured throughout the entire journey.The wealth of knowledge, experience and passion of the SCITT team is immeasurable. This is, in so many ways, such a pivotal year for us and I am particularly motivated by how ​passionate and inspiring the SCITT team are. This is a vocation that is developing and changing constantly and we have been modelled how to teach and adapt by an incredible team. The assignments really stretched and pushed me to my limit but they will stay with me throughout my career by instilling a reflective and research-based approach. Being in School A from the beginning of the year made me feel part of the teaching team andestablished me as a figure in the classroom. The pastoral care and administration support is extraordinary and I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for guiding me through this ‘emotional rollercoaster’ of a year. Your expectations of us are high but very clear and celebrating each step has also been part of this journey. 

Rob S.

The willingness of all DPSCITT staff to go above and beyond in their support of their traineesis amazing. They were always there for you. This support was also very visible in the way the subject tutors supported us as a cohort. I exchanged numerous emails with diverse tutors and all of them went out of their way to help however they could. A real strength that I feel epitomises SCITT is that they care, not only about their trainees but about the children they are teaching on placement and will be teaching afterwards. This passion and care was inspiring to see.

I found that all the statements and the ethos behind SCITT were very visible in the day to day application of the course. I feel this is a massive strength. The quality of teaching received in all subjects, not just English and maths has been vital in preparing me for September and I feel I can already contribute something to the school I am going into with enquiry based learning in humanities. The school based nature of the course is a critical strength as it immerses the trainee in what it is actually like to be a teacher in charge of a class for a whole year. I have found this invaluable in considering how I want my classroom set up for September and all the other details to consider such as planning for autumn trips, letters to parents, use of data from the last year to help identify ZPD’s for my children and all the other practical nitty gritty details that support the actual teaching of lessons. Without this first-hand knowledge I would be far less prepared for the practical day to day management of being a class teacher. I also feel that through this school based approach, the links between SCITT and its partner schools are very strong, professional and healthy. This has led to excellent support and a real feel of being part of that school’s teaching team for the academic year. The staff in both my placement schools went above and beyond to provide as much support as they could to prepare me to do the job once I qualified.